New Year, New me?

New Year, New me?

Now, I don’t know if you know much about me but I’m a fun combination of over-achieving & procrastination. So naturally, my brain is already in 2024 & what was one of my goals for 2024? Regular business emails. Easier said than done for someone like me, running all the ins & outs of my business (I am the only employee at The Sumner Collective) but I also has many other goals that require more time & that finds me here, with you, just chatting.

Firstly thank you, at some point, somewhere along the line you have shown interest in this company & my array of skills. It truely means a lot to have people in my corner. You may be thinking why does a clothing label (She’s not just a clothing label thank you!) need a substack? Which is fair, I am definitely the first to delete an unopened email from an online store BUT I AM DIFFERENT!

With this email you will get a first hand look into all the elements of my creative life. From constructing cat & dog mascots, to choosing environmental fibre options, to garden tips & opinions. I want this space to be vulnerable & real. I want you to feel how hard & beautiful & exhausting & rewarding this life I’ve chosen can be. I want you to hop on this Sumner Collective rollercoaster.

Hopefully, this will be inspiring & a creative outlet but if not that’s okay, I’m not everyone’s cup of tea. I’m trying to attract like minded people because I’m hoping for a lot of “that’s a great idea!” or “how did you do that?” comments, but really, I actually want people to resonate with what I’ve got going on. The best comment I think I can receive would be “same”. Creative life is a life of ups & downs, as is small business life & this journey is about how to make that serve me. (That work/life balance, am I right?)

Anywho, I will be posting weekly so stay tuned for my thoughts, feelings, opinions & some working content slipped in there for good measure. If this is not enough you can also follow along on instagram or facebook @thesumnercollective.

Cheers big ears & stay safe.

Love, Elly Sumner

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